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Doer and dreamer

Vikram Sarabhai: A Life  Amrita Shah  Penguin  220 pages

IT is astonishing that Vikram Sarabhai had only one mistress. With the amount of diverse thinking that he continuously did, how did his brain quieten to sleep without the help of ‘live’ sleeping pills? Read more…

A night out in Mumbai


When the party got over, it was past 1 am. There were no trains for Vashi in Navi Mumbai where I had to reach the two young women, Kavita and Rashmi, who were with me.

“I’ll show you Mumbai by night,” I said. They were excited. I told them to phone their parents that they’d be back in the morning and not to worry. Read more…

Ashtakanya saubhagyavati bhava

KARTIK Purnima was only a week away. Ajay was excited. Unfortunately, his mother and sister were excited too. And that was cause for much gloom.

One day, just one day in the year he got to stay out all night and have fun with his friends. And they had to bring in WOMEN!  Why? He moaned with friends and they shook their heads and clenched their fists in anger and frustration. Read more…

Dadi was dada of irreverence


ON International Women’s Day last week (see endnote), I played with memories of my illiterate grandmother Annapurna. She was the most irreverent person in my life. She became my coach as soon as I learned to walk and talk. Read more…

On the future of women’s gaalis


BROODING about the origin, history and the future of gaalis is driving me nuts. I am overflowing with gaalis because the area of my interest is not gaalis in general, but gaalis used by women. That is uncharted territory. Read more…

Have we become deaf to noise?


IMAGINE this near-future Mumbai scenario. A young couple is making love in their newly acquired MHADA lottery flat. But they are not fully nude. Both have their ears plugged and they convey “I love you!” and “Aaah! Aaaaah!” through their mobile phones.
Read more…